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Physical Therapy Of Andalusia

Helping you live without pain

Effective physical therapy in Andalusia

Everyone deserves to live their life free of pain, or at least as close to free of pain as possible. Here at Physical Therapy Of Andalusia, our aim is to help you maximally recover from injuries so you lose as little mobility as possible. We understand that your mobility is key to your independence, so we take our jobs very seriously. Getting you up and at them again is our number one goal, so you don't lose your livelihood or your purpose in life.

Experienced staff

The physical therapist we have on staff has over 32 years of experience in the field. The road to recovery is extremely important in determining your future mobility, so don't go to someone who barely knows what they're doing.

Instead, choose a physical therapist who has decades of experience in dealing with all different types of injuries and knows effective treatments for each type so you get personalized care.
Effective physical therapy in progress in Andalusia, AL

We accept insurance

When you're receiving physical therapy, you shouldn't worry about the costs. You'll be relieved to know that we accept many major insurance companies, such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Medicare, and Tricare. If your insurance company is not one of the ones listed here, give us a call and we can discuss payments with you. Our staff will take good care of you so you get peace of mind and can focus solely on getting healthier and stronger.

Part of the community

Our practice is part of the American Physical Therapist Association. This means that our staff members stay up-to-date about everything in the physical therapy world, thus providing you with care that's modern and proven effective. By consistently attending seminars, we are able to continually add to our expansive knowledge so we are better armed with the tools to provide quality care for you.
Don't let a serious accident or injury prevent you from living life to the fullest. Physical therapy is crucial to helping you heal as much as possible, so don't delay on getting in touch with us to set up appointments. The more sessions you have, the better your chances of full recovery.
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